Top Five Womens Blouses For Work

If you are a working woman that needs a little advise on what to wear to the workplace, then look no further. Every outfit starts with a single item; a shoe, a dress or even a piece of jewelry. But in the case of ladies work wear, it all starts with the blouse. Womens blouses is the base of womens work wear, the standard point to any office appropriate outfit. Which is why it is extremely important that you get the low down on the chicest and most professional womens blouses that all women should have. Here are my top five womens blouses for work.

1. Cotton Button Down

If there has to be one blouse that every working girl needs, it is the standard cotton button down. It is a classic and staple piece for both men and women, and I can see why. The cotton button down is so versatile and can be layered with so many items like a blazer or a cardigan sweater. These are one of those pieces that is worth buying in multiples. Start with the basics first, like a plain cotton button down with no designs – just so it can be worn in multiple ways. And when you have a work wardrobe it is important that you can stretch an item into different outfits.

2. Silk Bohemian Blouse

These days, the bohemian blouse look is definitely a fashion item. But just because it is chic and feminine, doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it to work. When you want to implement a top that is light and flowy like a bohemian blouse, look for one that has sophisticated materials like silk. Also go for a blouse that does not have too much print on it. A plain shirt will definitely give you more mileage. Pair it with a great pencil skirt or a pair of slacks and you will look absolutely fabulous.

3. Cowl Neck Blouse

In the winter, and even the rest of the year, a beautiful cowl neck blouse is an elegant way to add some interest to your work outfit. It is a feminine design that generally looks fabulous on every woman. Also with cowl neck blouses becoming somewhat of a staple in women’s clothing, there are a variety of these blouses that vary in material and style. So from anything like a knit to a satin, or a long sleeve to a no sleeve, there is a fabulous cowl neck blouse for you.

4. Wrap Shirt

Some people don’t even think about purchasing a wrap shirt, and I’m not sure why. It is definitely a great workplace blouse because it is a great dressy item that is completely adjustable. Also it is handy shirt to have if your body shape fluctuates. So whether you gain a couple of pounds or lose weight, you can still use the same wrap blouse. Also just as a tip to keep you looking more professional, sometimes wrap shirts do run low in the neckline; so if it does, layer a simple camisole underneath to cover up.

5. White Blouse

Last but not least, probably one of the most important blouses you need in the workplace has to be a white blouse – and it can be in any of the styles mentioned before. A simple white blouse looks clean and professional, and not to mention, it is also a great piece that can go with everything. But stay away from anything that’s looks too sheer, too low cut or anything that just looks inappropriate in the workplace. I mean you want to look classic, not tragic.

So there are my top five womens blouses for the workplace. Many have the misconception that work wear has to be boring and dry. But you can have a little fun with mixing and matching your clothes, and of course, implementing a fabulous blouse to your outfit.

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